9 Simple Hacks To Mindlessly Get Your Diet Under Control

 You can 'set and forget' these diet hacks once you fit them in to your daily routine. You'll discover things like...

  • 1

    The 20% Rule

    Learn the magic number on how to effortlessly cut calories on your plate without you even noticing.

  • 2

    How to be more restaurant savvy

    You CAN have your cake and eat it too. Learn simple tricks on how to eat out without completely sabotaging your diet.
    (HINT: If your entree looks like it could feed a family of four, pack up half of it as soon as you get it. Same dining experience but half the guilt.)

  • 3

    How to snack like a champ

    Everybody loves a little snack. Discover easy to follow strategies on how to a little nibble guilt-free!

  • 4

    The 50/25/25 Rule

    You can't just go cold turkey on your favourite food if you're trying to lose weight. Learn about the golden rule of portion control and never go on a crazy diet ever again.

  • And so much more!

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Carlo Macapinlac

We’re all busy people. Any fitness advice that easily integrates to our hectic schedule is a win for me. Use these diet hacks to get ahead of the game... they work!

Carlo Macapinlac, Program Director, Newbie Fitness Academy